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In this cautionary tale, Alexandria Leigh—aka Lexy—is at a crossroad facing day-to-day trials of running her gentlemen’s strip club Lexy’s and managing relationships that collide in her sexually charged world. Weaved in the inner-city backdrop of the Twin Cities (Minnesota), Lexy must deal with choices made in the past that have come back to haunt her, as well as mitigate issues of love, family, and self-preservation.

Lexy is the common denominator in a cast of unforgettable, colorful characters and the driving force in decisions made about the club that could have a major impact on those that both love and fear the streetwise entrepreneur. Come on a journey in this classic street story where old school decisions generate new school threats. Where key players struggle with trust, face painful truths, and try to move forward from their troubled pasts and simultaneously strive for dreams of their future. Will the silhouettes of this story make the right choices or will the privilege of free will result in paying irreversible prices?

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